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Restoration complete, first cuts pressed and released…

At long last the restoration is complete and the first all-valve cuts processed, pressed and released. The lyrec system sounds every bit as beautiful as we had hoped, and is a joy to use. There will of course be an ongoing quest to see if any tiny improvements can be made to the system. Meanwhile, here are some more photographs:_MG_0865.CR2.p





Test cuts sound beautiful!

Some test cuts have been done and are sounding very good indeed. We wanted to be sure that the cuts were going to be really beautiful before getting into any building work or cosmetic restoration for obvious reasons. As anyone who’s embarked on any project like this knows, it’s the final tiny details that take all the time! Meanwhile, here’s a few more photographs…

The warm glow of valves inside the lathe.

Still a little bit to do before the first session!


Sean fits the vacuum tube in preparation for the first test cuts...

In fact, why don't we just light (and heat) the whole studio using valves...?

A Few More Photographs

As you can see, the quality of the workmanship inside these pieces of equipment is amazing, as is the quality of the components. We’re holding off on any sort of building work until we’re sure that the Lyrec playback machine and lathe are going to work and sound as great as we hope.

Monitor amplifier and peak level meter.

Yup, we have got one now!

Lyrec cutter carriage waiting to be re-born...

Linear level meter on the playback machine.

Cutter control buttons.

Modules return, we have (some) sound!

The monitor amp, compressor, cutter amp and hi-end limiter modules are back from servicing, and we’ve tested the monitor amp (admittedly with a CD…) All sounding sweet through the Tannoys. On-site work and restoration will be stepped-up in the coming weeks as Sean is going to be here fitting various restored parts.

Sean and Duncan working on the lathe.

Relay switches inside the Lyrec tape machine.

CD player? What CD player?

First photographs, work begins…

Well, it looks like we’ve got our work cut out, but with the boffins on board it’s all perfectly within reach. Here’s some snaps to shock/delight as appropriate.

Lyrec TR18 Quarter-inch Valve Console.

The gaps in the top house the eq's and compressors that are away being restored...

Top of the lathe showing the mighty brass platter.

Raising of the Audio Titanic…

This is where you will be able to follow the progress of the combined restoration and build of a full stereo valve mastering room in West London. The studio will be centred around a Lyrec quarter-inch playback machine (with integrated eq’s, compressors and lathe control), and Lyrec vinyl cutting lathe. Hopefully we’ll get some photo’s up for you early next week.

Lyrec SV10 vinyl cutting lathe.